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China Association of Plant Engineering is a nationwide, industrial and non-profit social organization composed initiatively of relevant social groups, enterprises and public institutions, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, relevant individuals, etc. It’s business covers all regions, all industries across the country, including land and resources, railway, machinery, coal, chemical, metallurgy, nonferrous, petroleum, petrochemical, gold, etc.

Metallurgical Mines's Association of China, approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs in 1991,2011 by the Ministry of Civil Affairs as a four-a-level association. As the only National Industrial Organization of Metallurgical Mines, it aims to promote the implementation of the state guidelines, policies and decrees on metallurgical production and construction, and to play a bridging role between member units and government departments, to reflect the wishes and requirements of the member units, convey the intention of the government departments, and assist the government departments in actively Coordinating Service Work; to play the role of ties to enhance unity and exchange among members, and to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the mines, so as to serve the member units; To serve the development of metallurgical mining industry, promote mine reform, opening up, enliven, improve management, improve economic efficiency, promote the technical progress and development of mining industry.

China National Coal Association is a national, professional and non-profit social organization formed voluntarily by Coal Enterprises, institutions, relevant organizations and individuals, and has the status of a legal person association. Guided by Xi Jinping’s thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, the association serves the industry and the grass roots, with the primary goal and mission of seeking happiness for the miners and development for the industry, we will give full play to our role in providing consultation to the government, developing enterprises in the service sector, optimizing the allocation of resources, strengthening self-discipline in the sector, innovating social governance and fulfilling social responsibilities, and deepening the development of support systems, service platforms and brand names, constantly enhance the cohesion of the industry, Social Influence and comprehensive development strength, and strive to build a new era of first-class association with Chinese characteristics.

China Aggregate Association is a national, professional and non-profit Social Organization formed voluntarily by enterprises and institutions engaged in the production, circulation and trade of Sandstone, construction and use, equipment manufacture, colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, etc. . Taking enterprises and institutions related to sand and gravel as service objects, carrying out the guidelines and policies of the party and the state, abiding by the Constitution and laws, observing social morals and customs, assisting the government in improving the management of industries, standardizing the order of fair competition in industries, and self-discipline in industries, to Act as a bridge and link between the government and enterprises, serve the industry, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the industry, upgrade the level of the economy, technology and management of the industry, improve the quality of economic operation and economic efficiency, and promote the innovative development of the industry, to promote the sustained, orderly and healthy development of the whole industry.


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