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China International Bulk Material Conveying & Handling Expo(CBME) is an authoritative and influential industry event in the field of bulk material conveying & handling in China. Over the past years, with the full support of governments, industry institutions, leading enterprises, domestic and foreign exhibitors, we have adhered to the direction of specialization, branding, marketization and internationalization, promoted cooperation through exchanges, sought development with innovation, closely focused on the needs of the industry, constantly strengthened core competitiveness, and injected new impetus into the construction and development of bulk material technology and equipment industry. As the indicator of the industry, CBME is highly concerned.

In recent years, with the continuous advancement of the “Industry 4.0” & "Made in China 2025" strategy, the manufacturing industry has developed towards high-end, intelligent and green, and the equipment manufacturing enterprises have also ushered in a historical turning point. "Industrial Upgrading, Technological Innovation and Green Development" has become the key words for the development of the bulk material technology and equipment industry. As the world economy is still in a period of deep adjustment and insufficient recovery momentum, the development trend of the domestic bulk equipment manufacturing industry is stable and improving, and the demand for high-end intelligent, low-carbon environmental protection technology and equipment in such as: mining, coal, sand, port, power, cement, steel and other terminal application fields continue to increase; strong market demand space has created unlimited possibilities for the development of the industry. In order to deepen economic and trade cooperation and exchanges, build a bridge between enterprises and markets, and promote the high-quality development of the industry, under the invitation of the organizer, supported by mining, coal, sand and gravel industry associations, CBME2024 will be held in Shenyang International Exhibition Center, displaying the latest technologies, products and solutions worldwide in the field of bulk material conveying & handling.
Based on domestic, CBME2024 will serve the world, actively play an active role as a platform, dig the demand potential of the bulk material technology and equipment industry, release and extend the radiation of related industries, open up greater cooperation space, and create a diversified and mutually beneficial shared trade platform. At the same time, we will continue to innovate and improve the exhibition mode, actively integrate resources, continuously expand new scenes for enterprise brand promotion, continuously provide new ideas for product marketing, realize the perfect docking of enterprise technology and equipment and market demand, and complete the important upgrade leading the development of the industry. Please continue to pay attention to CBME, let’s work together to blueprint a new development of the global bulk material technology and equipment industry!

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