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A. Conveying equipment

Belt conveyor, band conveyor, chain conveyor, screw conveyor, scraper conveyor, roller conveyor, power roller conveyor, underslung conveyor, vibrating conveyor, trimmer conveyor, mesh belt conveyor, accordion conveyor, and etc.
B. Stacking, reclaiming and handling equipment
Cantilever bucket-wheel stacker-reclaimer, portal-type bucket wheel stacker-reclaimer, bridge-type bucket-wheel reclaimer, bucket wheel stacker-reclaimer for round stock ground, scraper bucket wheel stacker-reclaimer, loader, car loader, ship loader, car unloader, ship unloader, stacker-reclaimer,  bucket-chain car unloader, bucket-chain ship unloader, spiral car unloader, pneumatic car unloader, pneumatic ship unloader, inertia car unloader, rope bucket ship unloader, vertical screw ship unloader, and etc.
C. Power and drive devices 
Motor, speed reducer, variator, main machine of elevator, protector, electronic control system, gear, drive chain, coupler, drive shaft, vee belt, synchronous belt, flat belt, and etc.
D. Conveying support equipment 
Conveyor chain, conveyor belt, belt cleaner, slag remover, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibration feeding machine, protection equipment, agitator, speed reducer,  motorized pulley, feeding machine, hoister, vibrating screen, and etc.

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