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Bulk material technology and equipment are widely used in key industries such as mining, construction, port terminals, electric power, cement, manufacturing, and steel, and are an indispensable part of the manufacturing system. In recent years, with the continuous development of the manufacturing industry towards high-end, intelligent and green, equipment manufacturing enterprises are also facing a period of strategic opportunities for industrial upgrading, technological innovation and green development. The development momentum of the key terminal application areas of bulk material technology and equipment is stable, and the demand for high-end intelligent, low-carbon environmental protection technology and equipment continues to increase, and the industry will have a large market demand space. At present, the global economy continues to adjust in depth, the trend of anti-globalization is obvious, the domestic economic development is also facing the triple difficulty of demand contraction, supply shock, and expected weakening, and the downward pressure on the economy has further increased, but the bulk material equipment manufacturing industry still maintains a stable development trend. In order to promote the high-quality development of bulk material technology and equipment industry, deepen industry exchanges and cooperation, and increase the power, cohesion and activation force of the bulk material equipment industry, created by China Equipment Management Association and Beijing Haiwen Exhibition Co., Ltd., the "China International Bulk Material Transportation, Loading and Unloading Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CBME)" that has been successfully held for six sessions will be held in Shenyang International Exhibition Center on Jul 27-29, 2023, which will comprehensively display the latest technologies, products and solutions in the field of bulk material transportation and handling at home and abroad. The "8th China (Shenyang) International Mining Exhibition" was held at the same time.

Northeast China, North China has a good industrial foundation, broad market space, is China's mineral resources are the most concentrated areas, coal, mining, building materials, metallurgy, ports and other industries are relatively developed, but also the national bulk material technology and equipment key consumption areas. The "7th China International Bulk Material Transportation, Loading and Unloading Technology and Equipment Exhibition" was held in Shenyang, with outstanding industrial advantages and closer to market needs. This exhibition will integrate resources, actively establish multi-party cooperation, give full play to the characteristics of the exhibition of industry leadership, supply and demand docking, brand promotion, and strive to create the first high-quality trade cooperation platform in Northeast China that radiates the whole country and affects the international bulk material technology and equipment market.   
CBME has been successfully held for six sessions so far, attracted the attention of the industry, won the extensive participation and strong support of Chinese and foreign exhibitors and visitors, attracted more than 2,000 exhibitors from more than 30 countries and regions such as China, Germany, the United States, Russia, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Finland, etc., with a total of more than 100,000 professional visitors, after years of development has become the preferred trade negotiation, technical exchange, brand promotion, and brand exhibition for domestic and foreign enterprises. CBME2023, in the face of the development trend and future trend of the bulk material equipment market under the new situation, this exhibition will dig deep into the needs of the industry, cater to the needs of development, innovate the exhibition mode, enhance the value of the exhibition, help bulk material equipment manufacturing enterprises to better expand the market, promote the industry to achieve high-quality development, welcome you to continue to participate in supporting CBME.

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